LITTLE CROW is a dark indie rock duo based out of Vancouver, BC, Canada. Pulling inspiration from bands such as Daughter, The National, and Interpol, singer-songwriter Emily Seal and guitarist Kas Baker create hauntingly beautiful songs encapsulating the twists and turns of everyday life. Reminding you of your first heartbreak, the longing to detach from a stressful reality and the inner battles we all face day to day. Little Crow writes to remind us we are all human.

After releasing their first EP to a sold out venue in the fall of 2016, Little Crow hit the ground running. Playing shows in unique venues such as Errington Hall (Vancouver Island), InHabit (Kelowna) and multiple stages at the Vancouver Island Music Festival, including the mainstage for a collaborative celebration of influential canadian artists.

Little Crow was granted a Creative BC Grant in 2017, which has continued to fuel their creativity, bringing them back into the studio for their first full length album with producer Paul Boechler at Fader Master Sound Studios. The album is expected to be released end of 2018.